A perfect tan is the best reflection of an unforgettable summer. In addition to improving our appearance, it is a recharge of vitamin D for our body and, if that were not enough, allows us to wear again all those short garments and dresses that were stored in the back of the closet. However, we can not overdo it, even though the sun strengthens our bones and has several benefits, it can also boost the appearance of premature wrinkles and be a carcinogen without proper care.


We tell you how to achieve a perfect and healthy tan


Use your blocker every two hours:  this will prevent the appearance of spots and wrinkles, and prolong your tan. There are special protectors for each type of skin and area of ​​your body, being the face of greater filter. If you are going to apply it to the bronzer after the antisolar to generate a protective film.


Healthy skin before and during your trip:  prepare for the summer by including in your diet foods rich in  carotene  like carrots and tomatoes. It also prefers corn, broccoli and kiwi that improve the pigmentation of your skin. In addition, fish and vegetables avoid dehydration and prolong the tan.


Exfoliate your skin to prepare it:  Before going on vacation, eliminate the dead  skin cells  so that your lasts longer than you expect. You can exfoliate with coffee or brown sugar and a little hot water.


Be on the move: Your skin is getting the sun in different angles getting a uniform color. In addition, if you are in the sea or the pool, the water works like a mirror helping you to tan evenly.


 Moisturize your skin:  Do not forget to take two liters of water a day, plus use a moisturizer after taking a shower to calm, moisturize and regenerate your skin. If you have a burn, you prefer those that contain aloe vera because of its multiple properties.